Issue No. 07

The first female power issue featuring seven amazing women also takes us to Portugal, Beirut, and London.

Saskia Diez, Rana Salam, Stephanie Dettmann, Ju Schnee, Georgia Brooks, Anna von Hellberg & Laura Castien

Rana Salam

Jewelry Design, London

Rana Salam took us to London and Beirut, the cities she has spent most of her life in.
She let us dive into her world and explore the two very different cities through her eyes and experience, including places she has known for a long time, where she has made memories and friends. Come and travel with Rana.

Saskia Diez

Designer, Munich

We met Saskia in her workshop and had an extended conversation about the detours that led her to become a designer and business owner. She found her passion for working with her hands when she trained to become a goldsmith. But it was until a few years after completing her master’s that she started her brand and conquered the world of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.


During each conversation or interview, a dozen other topics pop up. Some of them simply amaze us, others are practical and useful. We think this is the perfect mixture to absorb between the longer reads. Enjoy!