Issue No. 08

From the ‘Art Of Crying’ to an interview with a funeral director – this issue is an ode to passion around death, decay and professional grief. We also celebrate life around the topics of Indian food, chocolate, sake and the art of hospitality.

Goran Rebić, Gebhart Blazek, Carina Hartl, Lok Chung, Anshu Ahuja & Renée Williams, Martin Kirchlechner, Matthias Schweger

And from our Neighborhood in Vienna
Katharina Husslein, Robert Comploj, Gilles Reuter, Mira Rosenhek, Dino Rekanović, Miri & Christian Cervantes, Javier Mancilla & Xaver Kislinger.

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Lok Chung

Funeral Director, Hong Kong

When Lok inherited his father’s funeral business, he knew he wanted to make it a modern company. Working against the bad reputation and neglect of the process of death, he aims to be a good companion for those mourning a loss.

Goran Rebić

Film Director, Vienna

This feature was the product of our cooperation with the Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film. Goran Rebić was interviewed by former Festival Directors Peter Schernhuber and Sebastian Höglinger.


During each conversation or interview, a dozen other topics pop up. Some of them simply amaze us, others are practical and useful. We think this is the perfect mixture to absorb between the longer reads. Enjoy!