Saskia Diez
Designer, Munich

We met Saskia in her workshop and had an extended conversation about the detours that led her becoming a designer and business owner. She found her passion for working with her hands when she trained to become a goldsmith. But it wasn’t until a few years after the completion of her master’s that she started her brand and conquered the world of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Tyler Brûlé
Journalist & Founder, Monocle, Zurich

Tyler is a journalist at heart and seemingly just happened to build very successful media brands Wallpaper and Monocle. We talked to him about handling workload, the intuitive office, and attracting talent.

Ivan Brehm
Chef, Singapore

Ivan Brehm is the mastermind of Appetite, a creative space at the intersection of food, art, and music. This innovative space is situated directly above his Michelin-starred restaurant, Nouri, located in Singapore.

Susanne Kaufmann
Entrepreneur, Bezau

Susanne started her internationally renowned and successful cosmetics brand 20 years ago, which makes her one of the pioneers of organic cosmetics. She still runs her business out of a small village in the Bregenzerwald, which made us wonder how she makes it work.

Robert Thiemann
Spatial Design Consultant, Amsterdam

After 26 years of building, living, and breathing Frame, a magazine for interior design and architecture with an annual design award, books, and an online platform, Robert Thiemann decided to start afresh. He opened a consultancy for spacial design. He talked to him about new beginnings.

Carla Rumler
Cultural Director, Swarovski, Tyrol

Carla Rumler shaped the visual appearance and cultural conception of Swarovski and Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Tyrol, Austria, for 23 years. We talked to her about her vision, her passion for art, and her glamorous life between Tyrol and the world.

Corina Marks & Ryan Flegal
Hosts, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Corina and Ryan have renovated a 262-year-old property on the Caribbean island of St. Croix into an inn and retreat center where they facilitate experiences that go beyond the typical tropical vacation.

Marco Dessí
Product Designer, Vienna

Marco chose to establish his internationally successful design studio in Vienna, a city known for a lot of things but not design. We asked him why, and also how his upbringing formed his style and approach to design.

Nuria Val & Gabriela Salord
Founders, Rowse, Barcelona

When Nuria and Gabriela met through a mutual friend in 2018, they clicked immediately and started their company as a weekend project. ROWSE, plant-based skincare essentials, is a celebration of raw beauty and has grown into an international brand.

Alice Stori Liechtenstein
Design Curator, Hollenegg

Alice grew up surrounded by art and as a child, it was normal to her to go see new art purchased by friends of the family. Her comfort with the art world laid the groundwork for becoming a design curator. She shares her take on design and communicating complex topics through exhibitions.

Ivo De Pellegrin
Bread Baker, Merano

Ivo’s journey from learning culinary arts influenced by his family and the Slow Food movement to opening his own bakery highlights his dedication to quality and local ingredients. His success in the bakery business allows him a balanced life, combining his passion for food with time for family and nature.

Anna von Hellberg & Laura Castien
Founders, Motel a Miio, Munich
They started with a pop-up, selling ceramics from Portugal that they brought home from a joint family holiday. That quickly led to the founding of the company Motel a Miio, where they started incorporating their own designs, and opened 25 shops in five countries over six years. This is the ride we all want to know more about.
Karen Tan
Founder, The Projector, Singapore

Karen Tan transformed an abandoned cinema into The Projector, Singapore’s sole arthouse cinema, becoming a cultural icon for diverse communities. The Projector’s success and Karen’s subsequent projects, like Projector X, illustrate her dedication to creating spaces that blend heritage with modern cultural experiences, driven by a philosophy of risk-taking and impact-making.

Robert Punkenhofer
Curator, Consultant & Entrepreneur, Vienna

Robert revived the watch brand Carl Suchy & Söhne and is the director of Vienna Art Week, which was founded to bring Vienna into the focus of the national and international art world. We spoke to him about a nomadic life between diplomacy, art and design.

Matthias Schweger
Sake Brewer, Vienna

Starting a new business after a successful career in the music and media industry is a different kind of journey. When Matthias’s first batch of Sake won a renowned prize, he knew he was on the right track.

Founders, Karma Food, Vienna

Simone & Adi Raihmann met while studying logistics when they decided to follow their hearts and open a delicatessen shop. Ten years in, we talked to them about leading 33 employees and staying true to oneself. Also how they built a little empire around healthy lunch.

Ting Wang
Craftswoman & Host, Shaxi

Ting Wang left a life and job as a photographer in Singapore to establish a life of slow work in the countryside of China.

Georgia Brooks
Founder & CEO, The Nine, Brussels

The Nine, named after the nine muses, is Belgium’s First Female-Focused Private Members’ Club. Georgia was frustrated that there was no place for the great women she met and worked with to come together. So she created one.

Marie Kreutzer
Filmmaker, Vienna

In contemporary filmmaking, certain voices emerge as beacons of innovation and storytelling prowess. One such luminary is director Marie Kreutzer, whose work has consistently captivated audiences and critics alike with profound narratives and her distinctive cinematic style. With a career spanning both the big screen and television, Marie has become a prominent figure in the world of Austrian and international cinema known for her ability to delve into the complexities of human relationships and societal dynamics.

Martin Kirchlechner
Host, Ottmanngut, Merano

What is the journey like when you study landscape architecture and wildlife ecology, and then, at the age of 24, transition into a career as a hotelier without any formal training? One thing’s for sure: the absence of prior knowledge allows room for experimentation.

Designer, Kyoto

Based Japan, Mathilde found her way as a designer from Paris to Kyoto. We sat down to get to know how she merges French heritage with Japanese tradition.

Teja Oblak
Professional basketball player, Prague

The captain of ZVVZ USK Praha and the Slovenian national team takes to us how it feel to become a professional athlete. We also talked about leading a team and how she defines passion and success.

Rana Salam
Designer, Beirut, London, Miami

Rana is a powerhouse with a contagious laugh and a positive mindset. She doesn’t get stuck in situations that don’t work, she finds a way to make them work. Her energy and mindset, as well as the influence of street culture, are apparent in her vivid design language. She shared what helped her understand the beauty and strength of her cultural background, which became critical to her design approach.

Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel
Filmmakers, Vienna

Peter Schernhuber and Sebastian Höglinger spoke to Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel about the way they look at the world through the lens of their camera. They are a couple in art and in life.

Marie-Claude Marquis
Designer & Artist, Montreal

We fell in love with Marie-Claude’s work when we saw it on Instagram and couldn’t stop smiling. We had to write to her to find out more about the artist behind the artwork.

Gebhart Blazek
Expert on Moroccan Rugs & Textiles, Graz

How does one become an expert in such a specialised field? How did his unique niche of Moroccan rugs and textiles find its place in the global market, and how has it evolved over the past 40 years? We had to ask and the answers do not disappoint.

Benjamin Hofer
Restaurateur, Vienna

We will be forever grateful that Benjamin and his business partner Robert Weishuber brought their “smashed burger” into our neighborhood.

Mirko Ilić
Artist & Graphic Designer, New York

The Bosnian-born artist and graphic designer has always incorporated political themes into his work. So it’s only natural that he started the Tolerance Project, a traveling poster show of artworks interpreting Tolerance, conceived by designers from around the world.

Nicole Adler
Journalist, Editor & Host, Vienna

In Nicole’s Salon, she shares her love for contemporary art, fashion, design, music, performances, and female empowerment with a select audience. So you better have an invitation.

Alexandra Palla
Cook & Influencer, Vienna

Alexandra’s Instagram profile is our remedy when energy is low. Her seemingly endless energy and the good mood she spreads feel like a hug. As do the meals that she shares.

Pakphum Youttananukorn (Nanu)
Artist, Maker & Designer, Bangkok

Nanu lives and works in a seven-story building that he inherited, allowing him to seamlessly blend his professional and family life. Trained as a social designer, he founded a collective of makers called Grains & Grams.

Sebastian Höglinger & Peter Schernhuber
Film Festival Directors, Graz

Before taking on the roles of Festival Directors, they worked as interns at Diagonale – Festival for Austrian Film and at various other film festivals across Austria. Their approach to their work is to facilitate access to the magic of film, and we believe they do an outstanding job.

Peter Fetz
Host, Hotel Hirschen, Schwarzenberg

Peter took responsibility for the Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg just two years before the pandemic hit the world, and it was quite a ride. His approach to creating a place that people enjoy coming back to again and again should be taught in hospitality schools.

Ju Schnee
Artist, Vienna

Ju loves to experiment with genres and blur the lines, whether it’s in her paintings created in combination with AI, her brand collaborations with Bombay Sapphire and Adidas, or her beautiful sculptures.

Ana Holschneider & Ariadna García
Founders, Caralarga, Mexico

Ana and Ariadna, the founding team behind Caralarga in Mexico, trust their intuition and they don’t bother to compare their brand to any other. Probably that’s the reason why their stunning creations enjoy international success.

Anshu Ahuja & Renée Williams
Founders, Dabba Drop, London

Anshu and Renée were frustrated with food waste and poor quality in food delivery. In response, they launched their business, specializing in plant-based Indian food served in reusable metal tins and distributed by bicycle.

Alexander Ehrmann
Pharmacist, Vienna

Alexander is a pharmacist by training and profession, but a curious explorer at heart. All his ventures are based on collaborations or partnerships that not only nourish him deeply but also allow him to do things he would not have been able to do on his own.

Lok Chung
Funeral Director, Hong Kong

When Lok inherited his father’s funeral business, he knew he wanted to modernize it. Working against the poor reputation and neglect surrounding the process of death, he aspires to be a comforting presence for those mourning a loss.

Carina Hartl
Chocolate Expert, Vienna

Carina’s side gig sounds more like a dream job, if you like chocolate. The bean-to-bar chocolate community is like the craft beer and natural wine community in terms of quality, purity, and the constant emergence of new flavor combinations.

David Wurawa
Actor, Vienna

Born in Zimbabwe, David brings his background into his life and work, making everything he does enriching and nourishing. 

Seydi Dogmus
Founder of The Juicery, Berlin

Seydi exudes the energy of someone who loves what he does. You see it in the sparkle in his eyes, his openness, a keen interest in everything that comes his way, a sense of ease, and a whole lot of laughter. His demeanor reflects gratitude, humility, self-confidence, and strength, leaving you with a surplus of energy akin to an extra dose of oxygen.