Sandra Reichl & Karin Novozamsky

Sandra started It’s a Passion Thing in 2019, an idea that simmered in her mind for over a decade. After working and studying in Stockholm, New York, Berlin, Brisbane, and Vienna, she noticed that she’s always drawn to those who are deeply passionate about what they’re doing. So to better understand their focus and obsession, Sandra began interviewing them and hasn’t been able to stop sharing their enthusiasm ever since.

Karin first laid eyes on the magazine in Sandra’s studio and was immediately captivated. Her interest and fascination led to an invite to contribute, but like Sandra, Karin couldn’t stop there so she became a partner soon after. Together, the duo leads an exceptional team of curious minds from their Vienna-based brand and design agency A Passion Thing, where the magazine is brought to life.

The Core

A PASSION THING is a magazine focused on people from around the world who are driven by this wonderful force we call passion. There is a certain energy in what they do and how they do it. When they talk about their work, you can see the sparkle in their eyes and sense the joy, fulfillment, and liberation they feel.

“Our most basic, most ancient cultural form is the narrative. Stories affect us on the deepest level. We all hold a stock of myths, legends, folk tales, gossip, and epic dramas within us,” writes Grayson Perry. We couldn’t say it better, and we are well aware of the influence stories have on our perspectives, values, and beliefs.

The stories these amazing people share reveal the universal nature of doubts, fears, and worries, that can infiltrate the hearts and minds of individuals, even as they pursue their passion. These serve as powerful sources of inspiration, encouraging us to overcome our own uncertainties and embark on our personal journey.

We highlight impactful examples that help inspire a brighter future because our aim is to empower others to uncover their passion and transform it into not just a profession but a way of life.


Passion is energy. You know it when you feel it, and you’ll never be able to let it go once you have it. Sometimes it just shows up, and sometimes it takes years for you to realize. It feels light and sweet, like whipped cream with a bit of maple syrup. But passion is also inseparable from pain. The word stems from the Latin word for suffering. If you want and believe in something so deeply, you will not let go, even when the road gets bumpy. You’ll go through the heartache of setbacks, disappointments, and you’d do it all again because it’s worth it. Passion is love. And everyone who has ever loved knows that love is not always easy.

People and their Stories

At the center of our magazine are the people we interview and feature, people from all over the globe, of different ages, backgrounds, and professions. What they all have in common is that they are driven by passion and have found their own definition of success on the way. We are genuinely and deeply interested in the stories our interviewees share with us. Every conversation we have leaves us inspired and uplifted, and helps us believe in a positive future.

Meeting with and portraying people that build their lives around their passion has been pure joy and a blessing for us. It has widened our horizons, made us more humble, and driven us to keep collecting these stories. The magazine has made us braver and has shown us how to release ourselves from our unconscious, and often limiting, definitions of passion and success.

Timing is crucial, rhythm beneficial.

Our magazine is published twice a year, in April and September. This gives our readers enough time to read through the issue at a comfortable pace and dive into the stories that inspire them.

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