Pakphum Youttananukorn (Nanu)

Nanu lives and works in a seven-story building that he inherited, allowing him to seamlessly blend his professional and family life. Trained as a social designer, he founded a collective of makers called Grains & Grams.

Odile Marchoul

Odile initially trained as a sculptor, and although she wanted to continue working with her hands, she made a significant career change. She transitioned to bodywork to help people bring their energy into the right flow again.

Nuria Val & Gabriela Salord

When Nuria and Gabriela met through a mutual friend in 2018, they clicked immediately and started their company as a weekend project. ROWSE, plant-based skincare essentials, is a celebration of raw beauty and has grown into an international brand.

Sebastian Höglinger & Peter Schernhuber

Before taking on the roles of Festival Directors, they worked as interns at Diagonale – Festival for Austrian Film and at various other film festivals across Austria. Their approach to their work is to facilitate access to the magic of film, and we believe they do an outstanding job.

Marie-Claude Marquis

We fell in love with Marie-Claude’s work when we saw it on Instagram and couldn’t stop smiling. We had to write to her to find out more about the artist behind the artwork.

Ethan White

Ethan is a former professional soccer player turned photographer. His unique perspective and understanding of the game have provided him with opportunities to work with major brands such as Adidas, Nike, and New Balance.

Corina Marks & Ryan Flegal

Corina and Ryan have renovated a 262-year-old property on the Caribbean island of St. Croix into an inn and retreat center where they facilitate experiences that go beyond the typical tropical vacation.

Ivan Brehm

Ivan Brehm is the mastermind of Appetite, a creative space at the intersection of food, art, and music. This innovative space is situated directly above his Michelin-starred restaurant, Nouri, located in Singapore.

Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel

Peter Schernhuber and Sebastian Höglinger spoke to Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel about the way they look at the world through the lens of their camera. They are a couple in art and in life.

Seydi Dogmus

Seydi exudes the energy of someone who loves what he does. You see it in the sparkle in his eyes, his openness, a keen interest in everything that comes his way, a sense of ease, and a whole lot of laughter. His demeanor reflects gratitude, humility, self-confidence, and strength, leaving you with a surplus of energy akin to an extra dose of oxygen.