Georgia Brooks

The Nine, named after the nine muses, is Belgium’s First Female-Focused Private Members’ Club. Georgia was frustrated that there was no place for the great women she met and worked with to come together. So she created one.

Anna von Hellberg & Laura Castien

They started with a pop-up, selling ceramics from Portugal that they brought home from a joint family holiday. That quickly led to the founding of the company Motel a Miio, where they started incorporating their own designs, and opened 25 shops in five countries over six years. This is the ride we all want to know more about.

Saskia Diez

We met Saskia in her workshop and had an extended conversation about the detours that led her becoming a designer and business owner. She found her passion for working with her hands when she trained to become a goldsmith. But it wasn’t until a few years after the completion of her master’s that she started her brand and conquered the world of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.