Simone & Adi Raihmann met while studying logistics when they decided to follow their hearts and open a delicatessen shop. Ten years in, we talked to them about leading 33 employees and staying true to oneself. Also how they built a little empire around healthy lunch.


Based Japan, Mathilde found her way as a designer from Paris to Kyoto. We sat down to get to know how she merges French heritage with Japanese tradition.

Robert Thiemann

After 26 years of building, living, and breathing Frame, a magazine for interior design and architecture with an annual design award, books, and an online platform, Robert Thiemann decided to start afresh. He opened a consultancy for spacial design. He talked to him about new beginnings.

Teja Oblak

The captain of ZVVZ USK Praha and the Slovenian national team takes to us how it feel to become a professional athlete. We also talked about leading a team and how she defines passion and success.

Robert Punkenhofer

Robert revived the watch brand Carl Suchy & Söhne and is the director of Vienna Art Week, which was founded to bring Vienna into the focus of the national and international art world. We spoke to him about a nomadic life between diplomacy, art and design.

Tyler Brûlé

Tyler is a journalist at heart and seemingly just happened to build very successful media brands Wallpaper and Monocle. We talked to him about handling workload, the intuitive office, and attracting talent.

Carla Rumler

Carla Rumler shaped the visual appearance and cultural conception of Swarovski and Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Tyrol, Austria, for 23 years. We talked to her about her vision, her passion for art, and her glamorous life between Tyrol and the world.

Karen Tan

Karen Tan transformed an abandoned cinema into The Projector, Singapore’s sole arthouse cinema, becoming a cultural icon for diverse communities. The Projector’s success and Karen’s subsequent projects, like Projector X, illustrate her dedication to creating spaces that blend heritage with modern cultural experiences, driven by a philosophy of risk-taking and impact-making.

Ivo De Pellegrin

Ivo’s journey from learning culinary arts influenced by his family and the Slow Food movement to opening his own bakery highlights his dedication to quality and local ingredients. His success in the bakery business allows him a balanced life, combining his passion for food with time for family and nature.

Marco Dessí

Marco chose to establish his internationally successful design studio in Vienna, a city known for a lot of things but not design. We asked him why, and also how his upbringing formed his style and approach to design.